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Collaboration Solutions

By applying Collaboration technologies, different collaboration solutions are obtained, which proved to be very beneficial. Collaboration technologies have the following uses. It helps in the sharing of information. Through these technologies, you can also make your business a successful one as it enhances the decision-making power and increases the ability to respond to different situations. To motivate the people and have it also combines the customs and traditions with communication solutions. To motivate the people and acquire high output, it combines the customs and traditions with communication solutions. Our customers have faith in us, that’s why our clients trust us concerning the collaboration solution. We provide collaboration technologies that make it easier for them to share information and have outstanding experiences.


Modifying the Ways of Doing Work

Are you still working with old thumb methods? Do you want to improve your ways of working? If yes, then our collaboration is the best way to do it. Harvard business reviews surveyed the concept that the means of collaboration are changing within the organization. Business leaders from all over the world took part in that survey and talked about it.


say “effective team communication” has become more important over the past two years.


are investing in easier-to-use collaboration solutions.


report that collaboration with external parties has increased in importance.

Why Collaboration Is Important?

Collaboration solutions help in offering effective and powerful ways to create a fruitful, constructive, cooperating and essential link between the teams utilizing the overall ability of individuals. The incredible thing about these collaboration solutions is that they are not limited to boardrooms and executive officers, but can be used by anyone. Audio(telephones) and video collaborating solutions are provided on every electronic gadget, including PC, mobile and team rooms. This makes it easy for groups to cooperate and solve their problems. Moreover, you can easily convert your business ideas from a consumer focus to a supply management network to teaching.

Why Customer Collaboration is Beneficial?

It helps the firms and companies so that they can give a better and connected digital experience. You can provide logical, consistent and high capacity ventures for your clients. Adaptation to internal failure guarantees continuous activity and far-reaching detailing gives business insights to upgrade your contact place.


Advantages of Collaboration

Enjoy user-friendly, connective and blue-ribbon collaboration experience. Everything you will ever need for the group collaboration will be provided. Gadgets, as per your wish and convenience will be provided so that you can also contact and link your virtual teams even outside the room. Some new techniques are there, which make all your meeting productive and smarter by removing all the difficulties one has to face while using means of video.

Brought Together Communications

You can quickly unite individuals whenever, anyplace and on any gadget with our integrated joint effort framework for voice and video calling, informing and versatility.


Meeting and Seminars

Now give more secure cooperation from all the electronic gadgets, including PCs, mobile phones and seminar halls. Your increase in collaboration and coordination with workers, clients and partners can coordinate and cooperate from any part of the world with our upgradable video, voice and content sharing.

Virtual Office

Lined up meetings are now the trend. Now, you can have a virtual office outside the physical office. You can now even do meeting sessions with the same enthusiasm and coordination on mobile phones with an innovation love of content and a secured system that doesn’t rely on your location.


Creates A Real and Natural Connection with Colleagues

Now you can easily convert your long-term meetings into active sessions. The presence of steel creates a secure, innate and influential connection between humans that is a constructive effect as sitting in the same room.

Role Of Collaboration In A Business

In any business, collaboration and cooperation play a vital role. This defines how the partners are working together and serving their clients. At EJAF, our main agenda is to deliver you a UC and collaboration so that your business can have an enormous and strong impact. We will help in the following ways.

Increase workers input and obtain a high output

  • We bring ease to our clients by eradicating inefficient and poor communication.

Enabling Successful Communication

  • Valimail makes it easier for you to communicate by enriching your conversations with media tools like video and audio.
  • Valimail brings convenience to workplaces by enabling instant chat and allows organizations to work better in an enhanced virtual environment.

Allows significant potency

  • Valimail enables you to communicate with your clients and employees from any remote location, on any device.

Clarifying a communication policy

  • Valimail simplifies consolidation by enabling centralized, managed, and cloud deployments. Removes the silo mentality at the workplace.

Ultimate Benefits of Collaboration

If a company wants to deliver the full potency of video, it must trust its telepresence and video collaboration solutions. The scheme organization is using must offer satisfying audio and video quality with less distortion in connectivity and must be easy to use. Video collaboration solutions provide real-time communication and excellent cooperation with colleagues and clients, which leaves a substantial impact on business.

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