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Clothing Control Framework using Ocean. NET

In an attempt to satisfy all the specifications of clothes enterprises, a detailed useful bilingual clothing management software (Arabic – English) was explicitly developed to provide facilities at every stage of the products from the start of the manufacturing phase (placing an order on the job) to the end of the selling cycle (point of sale). It was introduced by the formation of a community of developers having close connections with the biggest clothing firms in Kuwait to rectify any issues.

General Purchasing

The process of general purchasing in clothing management software regulates the buying process flawlessly from the first start of the purchase application process until the items have arrived, guaranteeing that every phase is accurate and connected to the next.

Stock Management

  • Bring the products into the subsidiaries and sell them.
  • Quick identification of a particular brand with picture and branch position to demand such a product from a region with relation to the base through OCEAN.net.
  • Quick item recovery via store shelves numbering.
  • Cost modifications are regulated to avoid any mistake from occurring in the alteration; sales values should be changed, new labels recorded and posted.
  • Knowing the branch shortness of some product instantly and automatically, which can be identified with the picture and the site of the shortness.
  • The scale and color shortening of each element are stated. Therefore, the shortness of the products may be protected and reordered in the subsidiaries anytime.
  • The intermittent and unexpected stock may also be carried out to handle robbery attempts.

Sales Control

  • POS Bill: This is marked by its sturdy precision and pace in carrying out billing and total leverage of attempts to manipulate or rob.
  • Change voucher: substitutes the method of cash redemption with a voucher with a customer’s identity & contact details.
  • Reservations of items: the consumer can buy the stuff for a partial amount and make a payment on delivery.
  • Cash Resets: each payment must be reset individually so you can mention the payable information, such as K.net, Visa, Master Card, etc., Replace the coupon, the item’s reservations, to supply the financial manager with a comprehensive analysis.
  • Money handover: money invoice, payment slips, voucher adjustment, product booking with comprehensive and specific variations, if applicable.


  • A comprehensive analysis for a single organization on the flow of articles.
  • A comprehensive movement chart for individual products.
  • Inventory reporting.
  • Marketing expense survey.
  • Existing inventory rate.
  • Assessment of the exhibits’ personnel.
  • Full billing activity chart.
  • Reporting on bill earnings.

Item movement card

Provide an accurate data to decision-makers on a particular item with picture choices, such as requirements, activity summaries (sales, transactions, harm) and summaries of item traffic inside the subsidiaries (overall transfers, transactions, harms), and the position of such subsidiaries and summaries (exclusive deals, incentives, etc.)

Sales Analysis

A clothing management software includes sales analysis and it can be used to evaluate monthly or weekly numbers, value and selling prices, which may be categorized accordingly (section or element or season or producer or retailer or subsidiaries, or ….) which encourages the clarity of the illustration, which allows one to analyze optimum and usual time for each sector and to make reasonable choices.

On-line Sales Monitoring (OSM)

Sales in business and workers’ performance monitoring are controlled by OSM every minute to work on clothing management software properly.

General Observation Panel (GOP)

The report helps the individual liable to know the description of any transactions done by the network ( e.g. the sales, purchases of subsidiaries, the complete cash reimbursement, the cash register, cash drawer overview, adjustments in the cost, transport of moves between divisions, inventory performance, breaches in workers attendance, for example, lag, absence of employees, etc.

SMS Messages

  • Daily / monthly interaction at a certain period and to the specific number of GSMs delegated.
  • Instant communication to the person responsible for the violations of employee attendance.
  • Unique GSM numbers instant notifications indicating the moment of each subsidiary launch / shuttering.

Local Chat

You can talk with all divisions through OCEAN.net. This is exceptional for every talking text in history when appropriate. This feature is exclusive to our clothing management software. The chat messaging can be provided to all subsidiaries (for starters, all divisions will be at 10:00 am in the office of the headquarters for …) The chat message could be used for subsidiary demands to handle unique requests of the subsidiary from the leading shop (such as price points, Barcode scanners, containers/plastic bags).

The affair for staff (salaries and benefits)

  • Working duration: separation of portions of the working day (entry/departure – emergency release authorization – etc.)
  • Check-in / out: whether through hand or by biometric or by Identity card.
  • Attendance report: provides a comprehensive report indicating the time of departure and interruption and disappearance of each worker.
  • Monitoring of online attendance: live to monitor entry/exit exchanges for staff. This indicates the current personnel and the timing of entry/departure in such a segment.

General Accounting

  • Card account (Normal, Final, or Distributive): This is the account encryption method, which specifies the categories of accounts, with an ability to decide the form of account generated (customer-supplier – bank – letter of credit) in a seamless manner.
  • Account charts: OCEAN.net provides the ability to create a list of accounts that contains all different categories of final accounts (budget, exchange, revenue, setbacks) and regular accounts (assets and liabilities).
  • Cost centers: a considerable deal of cost centers may be set up by connecting them to individual customer accounts so that the reports of the various divisions and facilities of the organization can be accessed at any moment.

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