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Safe Count Solutions

  • Real-time occupancy monitoring
  • Live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded
  • Customer and attendant dashboards
  • Historic reports for analysis & audit
  • Accessible on WiFi-enabled devices
  • Suitable for buildings with multiple entrances

Product Feature

Easy and Fast installation

  • No complicated setup/configuration
  • Box to working in under 30 mins
  • Support for up to 4 entrances

Stand alone, yet scalable

  • Separated from existing IT networks
  • Optional cloud platform for remote management and reporting

Long term value

  • Occupancy missing analytic metric
  • Key to optimizing performance

High accuracy

  • Unrivaled sensor accuracy (>99%)
  • Unaffected by environmental conditions

Privacy Protecting

  • Anonymous sensing technology
  • Cameras/video not used in person detection

Staff detection

  • Advanced functionality that can exclude staff from occupancy count



Customer View

  • Clear message for customers/visitors – “Safe to enter” or “Do Not Enter”
  • Visual colour indicator changes based on live occupancy level

Attendal View

  • Live occupancy displayed against max occupancy
  • Occupancy graph showing live occupancy and recent occupancy level

Reports and Settings

  • Simple setup location name, occupancy limits, opening times
  • Historical occupancy and pattern reports

How to get started section of Safe count solutions:


Install vector 4D SafeCount above entrance and connect cables

Config basic settings – location name, occupancy limits
Customers and visitors are counted accurately and anonymously
View real time occupancy data

Technical Specifications

TechnologyInfrared – Time of Flight
UsageIndoor only
Mounting Height2.5m – 4.5m
CoverageVaries based on mounting height
© 2.5m = 2.27m x 1.63m
© 4.0m = 4.41m x 3.16m
Sensor Dimensions195mm x 110mm x 32 mm
Sensor Weight550g
Housing MaterialCast aluminium alloy
Power SupplyPoE IEEE802.3af Class 3 (<12.95W)
Operating Temp.Range00C to 400C
Req.IllumninationN/A – works in darkness
Warranty1 year
OriginAssembled in UK
Auto height set upYes
Height measurementYes – accuracy +/- 2cm
Height FilteringYes
Staff FilteringYes
I/O Module SupportYes
Detection Speed5m/s(max)
Configuration interfaceHTML5 web config.
Access remote/local
Mob. device compatible
Data interfaceHTTP POST(JSON)
IP interfaceIPV4, IPV6 ready
Fixed IP address / DHCP
IP connections secured using TLS v1.2
Video validationLow resolution
Setup and audit use only


White HousingBlack Housing
SafeCountMain entranceIRC6637SAWIRC6637SAB
SafeCount – NodeAdditional entrances(max 3 per site)IRC6637-AWIRC6637-AB

Wifi switch, power injector and tablet not include

Additional Equipment Specification

The Safe Count system is a flexible, scalable solution that can be used across multiple entrances. Although, all of the behavioral analytics and dashboards are embedded on the device, additional system components are required to complete the solution. Before specifying and ordering parts, please familiarize yourself with the Safe Count device with the required and optional components in the network diagram below.


Tablet / Display screen

  •  Ensure the screen is big enough for use especially if you are planning to leave the tablet
  • Viewable display by your customers/visitors.
  • The minimum screen resolution required is 1024 x 768.
  • The tablet must be running the Google Chrome web browser app.
  • Other web browsers may work, but Chrome is the recommended browser and is known to work.

PoE Switch

Any PoE switch which is compliant with the 802.3af standard PoE specification can be used to connect and power your SafeCount device. Make sure that the switch you use has enough physical ports for each SafeCount plus the Wi-Fi Router connection. Remember that you’ll need a SafeCount device at each entrance and exit to/from your store. If using basic PoE injectors, these too must be compliant with the 802.3af spec. You will need a PoE injector per SafeCount and each must connect to the Wi-Fi Router.

Traffic Light/Sound

The SafeCount solution also supports direct integration with other audio and visual indicators via a separate, optional I/O module that can be purchased with your SafeCount sensors. Once integrated it is possible to control simple visual indicators such as a traffic light system showing a red or green light depending on occupancy levels. SafeCount also supports the use of clear audible alerts to inform people of when it is safe to enter.

WiFi Router

The Wi-Fi Router must enable the connection of all your SafeCount devices. If you are using a PoE switch then a single cable from that switch will suffice, but if using individual PoE injectors, make sure that your Wi-Fi Router has enough physical ports to allow connection to all of them. If your Wi-Fi Router only has one port, then a basic switch will also, be required.

Network Configuration

The address range for the Wi-Fi Router should be 192.168.0.xx. This is often the default for Wi-Fi Router, but if it is different, it can be changed – please see your Wi-Fi Router instructions, or speak to your IT department if you’re not sure. The SafeCount device will be utilizing IP address If you have other SafeCount devices on other doors these will be using addresses and above.

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