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What is the purpose of Wan Optimization?

Wan Optimization allows you to analyze the performance of a network and the application, along with detection of the end-user experience.

IT has the capacity to troubleshoot and deal with issues by combining application, network and end-user efficacy for deep visibility. You can improve the dexterity of your business by using a complete package of network services and business-oriented, purpose-based international strategies with regional applicability.


The concept of WAN accelerator

A WAN accelerator uses data compression and caching processes to decrease the quantity of data streaming across WAN. A WAN accelerator, instead of sending files across WAN, again and again, works by caching the copied files and storing them in universal caches. WAN accelerator is of particular significance in cases where the bandwidth is the primary restriction by effectively exchanging the network I/O for the disc I/O, thereby increasing the efficacy of data transfer across the network.

Traffic Shaping

Traffic shaping means the maintenance of the rate of data transfer. Traffic shaping helps to curtail the overcrowding until the server sends a limited amount of data. This limited amount of data is extremely important during the transfer of real-time data files like audio, video, etc.


Data Deduplication

Deduplication, as the name indicated means ‘removal of duplicates. It is a process of screening a device for any duplicate files available and deleting them in order to provide more space. This space can then, be used for additional data files. Its main purpose is to increase capacity and to prevent the requirement of spending on additional storage space. This is a measure that should be taken to increase work efficiency.

Data Compression

If we lessen the number of bits required to embody the data then it is said that we have compressed the data. Data compression can be very beneficial as it takes less storage capacity. Moreover, a file can be easily transported if it contains compressed data. It also proves to be budget-friendly as it decreases the expenditure for storage hardware and network bandwidth.

Protocol Spoofing

Protocol spoofing plays an important role in data communication and improves performance. When a subsisting protocol is not sufficiently illustrated by high omission rates and lengthy delays, then we opt for the technological factors which confirm to be a productive solution.

Data Caching

There is an incorporated intelligence in Caching servers which saves the most previously and repeatedly bidden information. This holds importance in the deterrence of future requests from crossing a WAN/Internet link unnecessarily. They also possess a timestamp of their recent update. The caching server will cite a locally stored sample of the web page if the page timestamp fails to rectify when a user visits the page. This will conserve time as the need to load the page from across the Internet would be eliminated.

The usefulness of WAN Optimization Solutions

  • Rapidly settling the issues with boosted ID visibility into application, network and end-user application
  • The perfect way for the end-user experience across the Hybrid WAN with the boosted operation of all applications
  • Having a supervision with a concentrated and conscious approach that clarifies business objective into application-centric service agreements and itself originates the possible network path chances based on accessibility and availability

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