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To deliver the on-point execution and to deliver ideal speed to your customers, try using the innovative framework of Ejaf. Tactically found and fueled by two namely data centers in Canada with association provided by effective and open systems the services you seek are sure to be found by using our application


In order to offer you enhanced formations for your business ventures, our teams devise, gather, and uphold our servers so that we can deliver the best possible value and valued hosting solutions.


The stability and essence of your customers’ facility are assured when you benefit from our protected and highly flexible system. We aim to provide high-quality services and the best hosting solutions.


By making a framework with Ejaf devoted servers, you construct a reliable innovation stage for your trade applications.

Invest your Application and Business

With Ejaf technology, it does not matter where you decide to host. The performance you expect, your application’s dependability as per need with minimum low latency rate, is what we offer. Our (SAN), i.e., enclosure network, provides safe transportation for scalable mass storage volumes.

Three Liberated Networks

  • Rate of Public Network out is up to 500 Mbps
  • Safe and Secure Out of Band Private Network
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) is independent

Content Distribution Network

  • Spontaneous content delivery
  • DNS and DDoS Protection
  • Uptime observing with SMS forewarns

Simple Explanations for Complex Ventures

We provide not only the hardware that our customers need to know but also the methodological support that they need. We do this so that this step helps our customers in achieving their goals effectively and efficiently.

Explore The Options Ejaf Gives you

  • HTTP Load Corresponding
  • Offloaded MySQL facility
  • Offsite Holdup for acute information
  • Custom Delivery and Kernel Maintenance

Gears to Assist You in Completing the Task

  • Complete Source SSH right of entry
  • Permitted Server Observing
  • 24/7 checking with SMS alerts

North America Top-rated 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support

To deliver the valuable business, Iraq’s top-ranking high-tech sponsorship is here for your structure. The most well-known approach set it and forget it doesn’t work here. Because if you want to achieve a high level you have to look after that, manage it effectively, and optimize it. But as EJAF s here for you, you don’t have to worry about its optimization and management, as all the services offered by EJAF are completely managed meaning that you will get completely arranged and optimized hosting conditions that will be specially modified for your project. And the most amazing thing is that we don’t charge extra for it and the 24/7 high tech support provided by our experts is cherry on the top.

Discover Additional Information as to How Dedicated the Ejaf Hosting Solution Is

The ability to save the cost along with speed as well as better output and effective results is what triggers the option of adopting cloud computing. It provides many benefits in comparatively less amount. When clients select the option of cloud computing, they discover with time that it has many other benefits like increased productivity, better hosting solutions service, best quality, high safety, and security of data.

What Is A Dedicated Server?

A server in which all the physical resources for instance the machines are available are known as Dedicated server. It is completely different from the virtual server, in which only some resources are provided to run the virtualization technology. There are many benefits of using the dedicated server, for instance, if you are using a dedicated server you can take advantage of all the computer’s machinery including the RAM, storage and power. While using the cloud computing, we can also see the physical accessibility of all the resources, a technique known as bare metal as compared with other solutions which are completely based on the virtual instances, physical availability cannot be seen in those.

Ultimate Benefits Of dedicated Server:

Dedicated servers have different advantages including the study of machine its uses, hosting of apps and websites, large data and information, virtualization of structures, many important apps including the CRM and ERP. Also, it hosts online games. Because of all these advantages, we offer a variety of dedicated servers, each of which is designed to meet your demands. If you are confused about which server, you should choose? Then, you don’t have to worry about this anymore as we have experts which will help you in choosing the best-dedicated server which will fulfill all your needs and demands.

Which Dedicated Server You Should Choose?

Our dedicated hosting solutions are developed in a way that will meet your professional and expert demands. For instance, to perform efficient work you may need a system that is having more RAM, more storage, and processing ability. The servers provided by EJAF not only match these criteria but also the ranges of servers are with respect to their bandwidth capacity and the services they provide.  Moreover, A volume of 10 Gb’s is provided so that you can easily connect your dedicated server to the framework or even the hardware raid. So, you should choose the dedicated server as per your demands.

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