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Fire Alarm Detectors

Before determining the kind of detector to use in any field, it is essential to acknowledge the fact that the purpose of the detector is to distinguish between an actual fire and other normal circumstances that exist therein.

Manual Call Points

The device which allows an individual to trigger the alarm due to the occurrence of any sort of fire by putting pressure on a fragile component is referred to as ‘Manual Call Point’.

Fire Alarm Sounder & Flasher

Is it appropriate to use a huge horn sounder for various applications? Through the Zeta Addressable Protocol, it can be utilized on any sort of panel. It is offered in both transparent red as a collective sounder flasher and in pure white or red as a sounder only and is convenient for both outdoor as well as indoor use.

Fire Alarm Panels

For the addressable fire alarm systems, it is a remarkable approach that delivers an optimum novice solution. Its main focus is on installations at a low-level, where usually the cost of using these addressable systems has reportedly been considered prohibitive.

Zeta GSM Communicator

Whenever there is some sort of fault or alarm, the Zeta GSM communicator interface enables a fire alarm panel to convey an SMS. When the operator receives a standard Mobile Phone SIM card, it is then programmed with the phone numbers as well as alarm information through the use of a Personal Computer.

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