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POS System for Restaurant and Retail success

Different type of business POS can also work with them.


The very first integrated, entirely reversible device in the market is restaurant POS.

Sustainable by Nature

Using an ultra-solid, impact- and spill-resistant case with the newest product construction, which can survive the worst conditions.

Retail Shops

Supermarket workaround, fresh produce, mini-marts, hotel souvenir shops and gas pumps.

Coffee Shops

The perfect remedy for the vast franchise corner store.

Optimum Experience for the User

Enhanced consumer participation by authorizing the terminal operator to determine the point of sale terminal elevation, thereby promoting communicative sales.


A franchise has been developed for franchisees.

Point of Sale Features

Enhanced Pace

On orders at driveway and counter, customers waiting times and order numbers in quick-service and retail areas may be minimized.

Increased Versatility and Accessibility

Accessible in many variations to satisfy several specific space specifications and serve a lot of purposes in your company.

Durable by Design

utilize the latest industrial design with an ultra-durable, shock, and spill-resistant casing that can withstand the toughest environments.

Increased Output

including the new computing techniques that are ready to handle complicated software programs.

Simple Maintenance

simple design service reduces service costs while maximizing efficiency. Fast connectivity to I / O port facilitates printer and other peripheral networking.

Optimal Guest Experience

enhanced customer engagement by enabling the terminal operator to articulate the height of the point of sale terminal, allowing for easier conversational selling.

Wherever Strength and Beauty Collide

Choosing the right POS equipment for your company is a great choice that affects your customers ‘service levels over many years.

You wouldn’t want a POS system, which deviates from your corporate reputation, while your company needs a super robust and reliable POS system.

You will now get a POS of all the best of beauty and reliability

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PAR EverServ 500


PAR EverServ 7200


PAR EverServ 7700


PAR EverServ 8000

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PAR Temperature Measuring Device

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