Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions in Iraq

What is hosting service ?

Whether you rely on the hosting of your data and communications services OUR Cloud, want to share in our infrastructure to deliver business services or need a backup site, we have your service availability and security in mind.
Secure, resilient Hosting services right in the heart of IRAQ.

Hosting service is a facility that provides space and bandwidth to store an organization's data. Hosting service providers offer both physical hosting of computers and virtual hosting. They provide data center space, power, cooling, and physical security.

Hosting Service Providers (HSP) are the key to this industry. They provide different levels of support for different types of organizations with varying needs for hosting solutions.

How Hosting Services works?

Hosting Services in Iraq have gone through a revolution in the last few years. The hosting industry has grown by leaps and bounds to offer a range of services for both businesses and households.

Hosting Services can provide a reliable and secure online presence for companies, organizations, or individuals to market themselves on the World Wide Web. They can also provide digital storage space to keep documents securely online.

What are the main types of hosting services?

There are many types of hosting services that are commonly used by different companies. The main types are:

Colocation hosting:

This type of hosting service is used by companies who want to store and run their own servers on the internet or cloud data center.
At Ejaftech we provide the following resilient, secure server colocation services:

    • 1U, 2U & 4U colocation
    • Quarter rack colocation
    • Half rack colocation
    • Full rack colocation

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This type of hosting service is more like renting a virtual machine and using it as you need it for your applications. You don't need to worry about servers or any other hardware parts. You can use IaaS hosting for development purposes, testing purposes, and even production purposes if needed.

Virtual private server (VPS)

These servers are like IaaS except they are run on a single computer instead of many computers like in IaaS. They provide the same level of security, but they need to be managed by a competent system administrator since they can't scale themselves automatically by simply adding more hardware to handle load demands and increasing usage needs.

Private Cloud

Also known as an internal cloud, is a service that one organization can offer exclusively for their own employees. this kind of service combines both hardware and software resources to form a secure environment that can be used for multiple purposes.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting means that the web hosting provider dedicates a physical server to your website.

This type of hosting is often chosen by websites with high traffic and sites that need a lot of resources. It also makes sense for business, educational, or any other websites that have specific requirements for server configuration.

What is Content Distribution Network (CDN) , and why would you use CDN ?

A CDN is a network of servers that delivers content to users from the closest possible point. This way, a CDN ensures that the load on a web server is distributed among different servers and the user will have to download less data.

A CDN can be used for various reasons such as:

    • If you own or manage a website or blog, you will want to make sure it loads as quickly as possible for your users.
    • If you’re an author who wants to get their book on various platforms like Amazon and Google Books, this will help your book load faster on those platforms too.
    • CDNs can also provide security benefits by caching sensitive data on servers closer to the end user and also by using advanced HTTPS configurations.

What to consider when choosing a hosting service?

The hosting service provider is the backbone of any IT infrastructure. Achieving uptime, scalability and security are difficult tasks for any company handling high-traffic websites and applications. That’s why, to ensure success, IT companies need to work with a top-tier hosting service provider that offers:

    • Guaranteed Uptime
    • High Security Standards
    • Expert 24×7 Monitoring and Support
    • Business Continuity Center
    • Enterprise-grade high performance server hardware.
    • Highly resilient low latency network.
    • Redundant power and cooling

Our data centers at Ejaftech can act as your primary data center or as a backup and recovery site

    • Higher bandwidth
    • Better uptime and redundancy
    • Lower network latency
    • Rack space for servers and business-critical applications