FM200 Fire Suppression System is essential for your business

What is FM-200 fire suppression system?

FM200 fire extinguishing systems, one of the best clean gas extinguishing systems in the world
its colorless gas stored in the form of a pressurized liquid. It does not block vision; plus, it does not leave any toxic substances in the areas of use.

FM 200 does not replace oxygen, so it is safe to use without fear of oxygen deficiency .And it is in use in over one hundred thousand applications, in more than 70 nations
It also take up to seven times less storage space than systems based on CO2 and inert gases
so it helps saving huge amounts of storage space. for the same amount of protection,It reachs extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less.

How FM200 works?

FM200 gas extinguishes fire by removing the free heat elements from the fire triangle.
Fire triangle have 3 elements; Oxygen, heat and fuel. FM200 removes those elements so fire can't sustain itself.

It extinguishes the fire quickly, which means less damage, lower repair costs
and it deploys quickly and cleanly and won't leave behind oily residue, particulate, or water.


Where can I use FM200 ?

Today all of us know that the need for clean agent fire suppression has never been greater, because of the huge burning which happen.
Especially companies and facilities which have critical equipment and systems that are vulnerable to fire like server rooms, data center, archives room, controls room, electrical rooms, UPS rooms, power rooms, and commas rooms.


FM 200 Installation considrations

  • Detection System:
    • The Detectors detect smoke and give an alarm. If two detector actuate (cross – zoning – This is done to prevent false alarm) then and only then is the timer in the panel is actuated.This gives an audio/visual signal indicating that all should leave the premises. After 1 min (settable), a signal is given to the GAS bank (solenoid) to discharge.
    • Make sure you clean and test all detectors
  • Extinguishing System:
    • This consists of a bank of FM200 cylinders , a solenoid valve, piping and discharge nozzles. As soon as the solenoid receives a signal, the explosive device ruptures the valve and releases the GAS.This pushes the GAS into the pipe and out to the discharge nozzles. The entire area is flooded with FM200 extinguishing the fire.
    • Make sure to verify circuits , cylinders , hazard integrity, agent piping and nozzles
  • Full management, monitor to all rooms via a unified enterprise platform, which allow the authority people at the control room to deal with the interactive events, alerts in the easiest way.

Which gas is used in FM200 system ?

The name of the gas known as (HFC-227 ea) ,It called heptafluoropropane, or FM200.

How FM200 is calculated?

Our System implementation process

    1. Make site visit
    2. Make required studies such as:
      • hydraulic study
      • Mechanical study
      • Electrical study
    3. Define BOQ
    4. Installation, commissioning, final testing ,and handover
    5. Training
    6. Preventative maintenance

FM200 Filling Station

We have a gas filling station for “FM200” fire suppressants , Designed to efficiency and easily recover FM200 from a fully charged mother tank to the cylinder to be filled and after service,retrieving your cylinder with 99% efficiency

EJAF provides you with complete FM200 Fire Suppression System in Erbil and allows you refilling of cylinders instead of ordering pre-filled options from another company. The ability to refill FM200 cylinders as needed saves your company time and money, while increasing reliability.

FM200 advantages

  • FM200 is classed as a clean agent which means that it is safe to use within occupied spaces
  • its systems reach extinguishing levels in 10 seconds or less
  • The main advantage of FM200 fire suppression, is the small amount of agent required to suppress a fire. This means fewer cylinders.
  • FM-200 is completely safe for use in occupied spaces.
  • FM-200 is the most requested, specified and known fire suppression agent in the world.