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EjafTech enterprise solutions are designed to support the digital transformation of enterprises across the world. It has released a wide range of products including storage solutions, communications solutions, and cloud services.

Huawei enterprise storage solutions

In the last few years, Huawei has been focusing on enterprise storage solutions. They have a wide range of data storage system products for different needs.

What is Data Storage System?

Data Storage System is a technique that stores data on a storage device for later use.

What are the types of storage system?

As we all know, there are many types of storage system, and they differ in the way they work and how they store data. The three main types of storage systems are:

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS): NAS is a type of storage where the data is stored on a central server and shared by users through network connections.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN): A SAN is a network that aggregates storage devices from multiple independent systems into one or more logical volumes.
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS): DAS is a form of storage that attaches to your computer or laptop via an external hard drive or USB connection.


Huawei Oceanstor data storage enterprise products

The Huawei Oceanstor storage solution was designed to address the needs of data intensive applications, improve end user experience, and optimize operations

By combining the latest generation of flash storage with high-speed networks, Huawei has created a mass data storage solution that can provide significant performance gains for all data-intensive operations.

Huawei OceanStor products can be classified into three types:

  1. All-flash storage

High-end all-flash storage systems that deliver industry-leading performance, it features intelligent acceleration that is designed to meet the demands of core enterprise service

  1. Hybrid flash storage
    handles enterprise mission critical services demand for performance and reliability requirements.
  2. Mass data storage

It is a distributed storage system designed for mass data scenarios

What are the benefits of Data Storage System?

It is very important to have a backup and recovery data storage system in place. With a backup system, you can save your data from potential disasters. With a recovery system, you can restore your lost data.

The last step is archiving, which is the most important of the three. By archiving your data, you will be able to provide access to past versions of files that are not being used anymore.

Those are the main reasons whey you need a data storage system for your enterprise.

Huawei enterprise communications solutions

Huawei enterprise communication solutions are built on the base of Huawei's diverse technologies and provide customers with end-to-end network solution with focus on converged voice, video, and data. Huawei's solutions can be flexibly deployed in different industries, including public safety, energy conservation, smart grid, and smart metering.

What is data communication solution?

Data communications solutions help organizations to share data between different locations with low operational costs.

Data communications solutions are also useful for businesses that wish to increase the productivity of their employees by allowing them to work remotely or provide access to applications and data sources that would not otherwise be available

It is important for people in business, academia, or government departments to have access to large amounts of data which is stored in different locations.

Types of data communication solutions

As businesses have become more global, so too have the needs of those companies. To meet this need, IT scholars and professionals are constantly developing new ways to keep all their employees connected.

The primary types of enterprise communication solutions are:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Unified Communication (UC)
  • Cloud Communications.
  • Datacom Online.

Huawei Intelligent Collaboration products

The Huawei Intelligent Collaboration products provide the perfect mixture of simplicity and sophistication.

It is compatible with both PC/Mac, iOS, and Android so you can join the meeting room from anywhere in the world!

The three main enterprise collaboration products provided by Huawei:

  1. CloudLink Video Conferencing

The Huawei CloudLink Video Conferencing Platform is an innovative, highly accessible solution that enables users to interact with any device. We offer video conferencing solutions that are cost-effective and easy to setup.

  1. IdeaHub

A productivity tool for the smart office – bundles intelligent writing, High Definition (HD) video conferencing and wireless sharing.

IdeaHub is designed to suit any environment. Effortlessly turn conference rooms, executive offices, and open areas into smart spaces.

  1. IdeaHub Board

The IdeaHub Board functions as both an interactive brainstorming tool as well as an office meeting that will no doubt help create new ideas in today’s digital workplace.

Huawei Gold Partner EjafTech is a provider of Huawei ICT enterprise solutions including Cloud Computing, Digital Power, Intelligent Video & Data Analytics, Network Solutions and Datacenter Solutions.

EjafTech has expertise in designing and deploying turnkey ICT solution that helps businesses enhance productivity and competitiveness.